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welcome to cloud 9 homes Ltd.

Cloud 9 Homes Ltd. is a real estate investment company based in North Vancouver, B.C. We help home owners find solutions to their real estate problems.

We cover all aspects from the purchasing, to renovating and selling of houses. We are trained and coached constantly, as Inner Circle members of "Fortune Builders", who are the premier real estate investing education and coaching program in the industry. Their success includes the making of the A&E show "Flip this House".

Cloud 9 Homes Ltd. offers opportunities for Private Investors to use real estate as their investment tool. This is a very safe investment that produces a high rate of return while at the same time provides a high level of security and liquidity.

We can help you in all aspects of Real Estate - - - to buy, sell, or invest in properties at prices that are tailored to meet your needs.


Our goal is to help sell houses for motivated sellers. Whether the owner is facing a home in dire need of repairs, mortgages being carried beyond means, or reaching a change in life situation, we can make it easy. We purchase your home directly and for cash. We can also close very quickly or on a given timeline. We work with each homeowner individually and explore all possible options.

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Invest your hard-earned money and gain typically higher rates than with other investment vehicles, while securing with real estate. We have opportunities for private investors to help us acquire and manage properties. Consider real estate as an alternative investment tool.

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